Cosmetic Tattoo

Tired of putting on make up everyday, but still want to look beautiful? Cosmetic Tattoo may be for you.

When applied by a skilled professional Cosmetic tattoo will permanently enhance your features in soft natural colours

Suzanne uses implant technology to offer the very best in Cosmetic Tattoo Services.


Who can benefit from cosmetic tattoo?

  • Busy people who want to look beautiful all day and night.
  • Athletic people swimming
  • People with difficulty applying make up
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • Motor impaired people
  • Vision impaired
  • Make up allergy sufferers




Permanent make-up is one of the fastest developing cosmetic branches within the beauty industry. The technique of permanent make-up consists of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

There is a wide range of permanent make-up applications. They include the enhancing of lip contours, changing full lip colour, enhancing of eyebrow outlines or eyelid lining as well as medical procedures such as scar concealment or discoloration camouflaging.

The effects of such procedures are visible for several years. In order to meet stringent quality requirements, the BioEvolution Digital system is employed to ensure your results are exactly in line with your expectations.




1. Do you have little time for make-up? Do you want to get more sleep?
2. You do not use much make-up, but you would still like to look more beautiful and have a fresh appearance?
3. Do you wear glasses or contact lenses and as a result have a problem with putting on make-up?
4. Has the color of your lips faded with time?
5. Are you allergic to color cosmetics?
6. Or maybe you want to enhance your natural beauty and look different?
7. Do you travel often, bathe in the sea, frequently visit spa’s and steam baths where even the best mascaras do not live up to your expectations?
8. Do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you practice sports and dream of having great makeup that will not come off?
9. Are your eyebrows sparse, your eyes small and your lips pale or irregular?
10. Did chemotherapy leave you without eyebrows and eyelashes?